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Using a brass leather stamp on a hand press

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 A brass leather stamp to create unique, lasting embossed leather art.

Using a brass leather stamp on a hand press to create unique, lasting embossed leather art. Are you looking for a unique and cost-efficient way to customize and add impact to your leather goods? Hot embossing leather stamping could be the perfect solution for you.

Leather embossing is an art form that has been around for generations, but the tools to create new and unique works of art are constantly evolving. A great way to take your leather embossing to the next level is by incorporating a brass leather stamp into your hand press. With a brass leather stamps, you can easily cold and hot emboss leather to create a beautiful and lasting impression that you can proudly display or use.

Hot embossing with brass leather stamp.

Hot embossing is a process that uses intense heat and pressure to emboss designs into leather and other materials. This method produces a three-dimensional, detailed impression that is durable and eye-catching. The heat and pressure also cause slight color changes to the leather and give it a unique appearance.

Before you start, you’ll need to select a brass leather stamp, a hand press and some nice leather that you’d like to emboss. When selecting a brass leather stamp for cold embossing, look for one without an attached handle, since these will be the easiest to use with a hand press. For hot embossing, your stamp needs to have an attached aluminium plate so that it can be clamped.

The process of hot embossing starts by selecting the right leather to be used. Leather made from softer, supple hides such as cowhide and sheepskin is best because they withstand the heat and pressure needed for hot embossing. A design is then created and cut into a brass plate. In result we get brass leather stamp. This brass leather stampis then heated and pressed into the leather. The result is a sharp, leather emboss. The result is a sharp, leather emboss.

One of the advantages of hot embossing leather is that you can get good result without artistical skills. If you liked brass leather stamp you can by in our shop  CLICK HERE.


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